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Over the last several years, a sharp increase has occurred in the number of Texans as well as the number of Americans across the country who are experiencing serious financial troubles. Couple that with increased unemployment that has continued to rise and it spells a recipe for depleted bank account balances which can fall continually. This is where Weaver & Associates can help. We can stop the hurt. If you qualify, you could legally be eligible to discharge (erase or eliminate) credit card balances, medical debts, and more. Cal (214) 960-4125 for a free consultation regarding your rights in this regard.

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If find yourself among other Texas residents facing these types of unfortunate situations, Weaver & Associates attorneys can help!

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Our bankruptcy attorneys are located in Dallas but also serve surrounding cities. Our attorney focus their assistance on helping clients receive a fresh financial beginning. At our law firm of Weaver & Associates, you will find that we first work with you to determine whether bankruptcy is in your best interest. If you decide to file and seek bankruptcy protection, we’ll help you determine which Chapter of the bankruptcy code is most suitable to your unique set of circumstances. For some this means chapter 7, others chapter 13, and still others chapter 11. By Richard Weaver.

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Our bankruptcy attorneys in both Dallas as well as Fort Worth also serve other areas of the DFW metroplex. We know what it takes to help you avoid future pain and financial stress. So if you have just been laid off or cannot repay your mortgage or other debts for any reason, we will do our best to make sure your case is professionally handled. We offer you convenience and affordability. Above all, we offer you another chance to get the financial security that you deserve.

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We have multiple offices across Texas, including Dallas, ArlingtonFort Worth, Haltom City, North Richland HillsPlano, and other areas of Houston and South Texas where you can find our extensively experienced attorneys to help you with your financial and bankruptcy issues.

With a proven record, we are your best bet. Call us today for your free consultation. 214-960-4125 in Dallas, 800-403-6902 toll free, or By Richard Weaver.

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